Certificate of Analysis

Choose from the drop down menus to select the supplier, type of product, and lot number.

Each sack of malt or product package is marked with a lot number – an image will appear showing you where to find this number once a supplier has been selected.

Once all required information is entered, click the DOWNLOAD button. The results will be listed below as clickable links which will open the document in a new browser tab.

If you cannot find the product lot analysis you are looking for, please call a Customer Service Representative at 800-374-2739, or reach them by email at sales@bsgcraft.com.

Not all suppliers carried by BSG are represented here at this time, more will be added in the future.

Notice : Recent global events have significantly impacted ingredient supply chains. In order to ensure consistent product delivery, note that grain varieties and origins may vary between batches. BSG is dedicated to ensuring our products are of the highest quality and consistency – please review your Certificate of Analysis for specific batch-level analysis.